Taizhou CMR Machinery Co. LTD is the production unit of CMR GROUP in China, dedicated to the manufacturing of AGRICULTURAL REDUCERS.

CMR GROUP was founded in 1990 as sub-supplier of mechanical parts for important European OEMs, mainly Italian.Thanks to the continuous investments both in equipment and logistics, CMR GROUP has been growing fast , especially overseas. It has diversified its activities and now are also manufacturing finished products. Today CMR GROUP has 5 production plants in Italy and PR China. Taking advantage of international synergies, each unit has been specialized in order to manufacture a large variety of high quality products with reasonable costs. The attained know-how allows CMR GROUP to assist its customers in all activities from the new product design to the development of the production process. We are capable to supply finished products complying with customer requirements for all international markets.

The CMR GROUP range of AGRICULTURAL REDUCERS is mainly manufactured by Taizhou CMR Machinery plant, located in Zhejiang Province of China. It has a R&D group of 20 engineers and over 300 workers. The manufacturing plant is divided into 3 workshops with a total covered area of 55000 square meters .With its qualified personnel and its advanced production line, Taizhou CMR Machinery offers products with the best quality/cost ratio. It is the partner of choice to all customers who purchase CMR GROUP standard reducers (catalogue reducers) or special reducers that are designed according to customer's needs.